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Each day, demand fluctuates, trends evolve, and guest preferences change. As a result, choosing  room rates becomes a constant challenge. That’s on top of the tasks already on your plate to keep your operations running smoothly. Powered by AI and Machine Learning, TakeUp reacts to countless variables in real-time, freeing up your schedule and providing best-in-class results.

Average ADR Increase
Average Revenue Increase
~15 hrs
Weekly Time Savings

Machine Learning + Human Review

TakeUp is an advanced AI that utilizes reinforcement learning, a mathematical system that uses “the results” to teach itself how to continuously improve over time. To provide the best customer experience, we also have dedicated revenue management experts regularly review rate changes and monitor TakeUp’s performance, so you never have to worry about “glitches” affecting your revenue.

Baseline testing for objective performance evaluation

TakeUp utilizes the scientific method to show our impact objectively. We do this by testing a series of baseline rates, which are determined during onboarding as the rates that would’ve been set in the absence of TakeUp.. These rates will be applied at random, allowing us to collect factual evidence of the performance of these rates in comparison to TakeUp’s rates.

Boutique Hotel Focused

One size does not fit all. Most revenue management systems are not suitable for independent boutique hotels. TakeUp was designed with boutique hotels in mind. Regardless of the size of the property, all hoteliers can enjoy advanced technology that was only accessible to larger branded properties.

White Glove Service

We understand that choosing a new technology solution can be nerve-wracking and frustrating. We provide top-notch customer service so that your free trial, PMS integration, and all follow-up communications are hassle-free. We want to give you the confidence and peace of mind to price courageously.

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